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Shoe Care Products

Sanders Shoe Service carries the largest supply of shoe care items available from any business in the area. Browse through our inventory below and see what we have to offer, and take advantage of our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

We Carry the Following:

  • Spenco Insoles/Arches/Sandals in Many Different Styles
  • Pedag Orthopedic Insoles and Arches
  • Polish – Lincoln, Kiwi, Meltonian (Paste and Liquid)
  • Dyes – Lincoln, Fieblings, Eco-Flo
  • Nu-Life Spray Dye for Leather/Vinyl
  • Conditioners, Oils, Cleaners – Lexol, Fieblings,
    Kiwi, Lincoln
  • Water Proofing – Liquids, Oils, Spray (Heavy or
    Light Duty)
  • Laces – Cotton, Nylon, in Work or Dress Styles, Leather
  • Shine Brushes, Clothes, Applicators, Suede
    Brushes, Shine Butler

Leather Aid Furniture Recolor – Will Not Rub Off and Comes in a Variety of Colors

Both Spenco and Pedag are prescribed by most podiatrists. All laces are available in assorted colors, styles and lengths.

Other Retail Merchandise

  • Belts – 100% Leather, High Quality Affordable Belts
  • Decorative Belt Buckles from Western to Skull
  • Leather Wallets – Many Styles and Types of Leather
  • Credit and Business Card Cases, Money Clips
  • Leather Coin, Passport Cases, Wallet Picture Inserts
  • Leather Fanny Packs, Backpack Purse, Shoulder Purse
  • Sandals by Spenco – Orthopedic Full Support
  • Luggage Tags and Straps, Snap Hooks in Many Styles, Plastic Buckles
  • Shoe Horns – From Short to Very Long and in a Variety of Styles
  • Shoe and Boot Trees/Boot Pulls
  • Shoe Stretchers
  • Insoles (Many Styles), Metatarsal Pads, Heel Grips, Heel Lifts
  • Adhesives – Variety of Sizes
  • All Laces
Buckle Sets