We Repair:
  • All Brands and Styles of
    Your Favorite Shoes and Boots
  • Western Boots
  • Work Boots
  • Dress Shoes
  • Golf Shoes
  • Sandals- Shorten/Lengthen or Replace Straps, Buckles, Elastic, Birkenstocks- Most Styles)
  • Zippers in many items including Boots, Purses, Coats, Backpacks, Leathers (but mostly in leather and heavy duty items only).
  • Birkenstock - Most Styles

Quality Shoe Repairs


Many Repairs Can Be Done While You Wait

  • New Soles and Heels

  • Stretching Shoes and boots
(Width and Length and Calf)
  • - Most While You Wait
Boot Alterations
  • - Wider or Narrower In Calf Area
  • - Elastic Gussets Added or Replaced
  • - Let Us Know What You Need Done
  • Shoe and Boot Shines
  • Dyeing (Please Inquire For Details)
Metric measurements are no problem

Orthopedic Repairs – Men’s and Women’s

We can insert a lift, wedge or other orthopedic need into most shoes, regardless of brand or styling.

This Includes:

  • Metric
  • Unit Soles
  • Golf Shoes
  • Work Boots
  • Molded Soles
  • Athletic Shoes
  • One Piece Soles
  • Shoes with Gel and Air Pockets
There may be a few types we cannot repair because of the way they are made or the materials used to make them. Bring in your doctor’s prescription or your old build up that you would like duplicated.

Authorized Vibram Dealer

We are an authorized Vibram dealer and use Vibram soles whenever feasible. Vibram makes soles for every type of repair including dress, work and play. They provide the longest wearing, most comfortable soles in styles that will most resemble the original. They provide stylish materials for your dress shoes and tough and rugged for those styles that need it.
Shoe restitching